About The Sheraton Athlone

In Athlone's lively centre, this 4-star Sheraton Hotel has a 20 m pool, a luxury spa, free internet and free parking. Guests have spacious rooms and a stylish restaurant, 1 hours’ drive from Dublin. All guests receive the property's Platinum Card, which provides discounts on a few shops in Athlone town centre. Sirana Spa has 3 feature pools, a modern gym and a relaxation suite.

There is a range of therapies and beauty treatments on offer. All elegant rooms have a Sheraton Sleep Experience bed, flat-screen TV and a large private bathroom. Some rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows with views of Athlone and the River Shannon. La Provence Brasserie serves both classic Irish and international cuisine, prepared using the finest produce.

Harvest CafΓ© offers informal dining, while Sheraton Bar has bar food and cocktails. Riverside restaurants and bars are within 5 minutes’ walk and Athlone Castle is 700 m away. The main bus and rail stations are 500 m away.



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  • The Sheraton Athlone 06-October-2020
    HOTEL UPDATE - Level 3 Status The Sheraton Hotel Athlone will remain open to resident guests. The health and safety of our guests and our team has always been the main priority for us since reopening in June and we would like to advise all of our guests who have upcoming bookings from tomorrow until 27th October to follow government travel guidelines which can be found on www.gov.ie. Our Reservations Team will be happy to assist with any bookings or amendments you wish to make. You can reach us on 090-645-1060 or [email protected] We look forward to welcoming you back to The Sheraton Hotel Athlone soon!
  • The Sheraton Athlone 04-October-2020
    One of our delicious specials at La Provence 🀀 Poached halibut, beetroot, carrot, asparagus and butternut squash puree 🍴 All prepared and made by our amazing award winning Chef's πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ ...
  • The Sheraton Athlone 04-October-2020
    It's international coffee day β€οΈβ˜•οΈβ€οΈ Don't 'procaffeinate' and call into us or our cafe Harvest Homemade for a delicious coffee β˜•οΈ
  • The Sheraton Athlone 28-September-2020
    Treat yourself to a delicious coffee and fresh fruit tartlet this Monday and spend your day with a big smile on your face, just like our cappuccino πŸ˜€
  • The Sheraton Athlone 26-September-2020
    Join us in Harvest Homemade today between 10am and 12pm for a coffee prepared by Bewley's Ireland Expert Barista Barry in aid of a great cause - South Westmeath Hospice β˜•β˜•β˜•
  • The Sheraton Athlone 26-September-2020
    Great support from both customers and our own team for this amazing cause! We're here until 12pm so there is still time to grab coffee and a cake in aid of South Westmeath Hospice at Harvest Homemade in Athlone Towncentre #togetherforhospice
  • The Sheraton Athlone 26-September-2020
    Thanks to our colleagues at Hodson Bay Hotel for getting involved virtually in our coffee morning ! Don't forget you can donate to South Westmeath Hospice on their website - http://www.southwestmeathhospice.ie/donations/&h=AT1r1I7XdkSsaBrAhOkwM3nWsXoDXxBimXY-Lp5dlyYmLLUXKbDA5MK2ccf6KKzZ2O5ZVd06Up6YSJVEFJpZyb66TBtDfZeUnnoQvJbwQyEwO3lg_MSmTtHagBCIGpt18bQSvXydUWlMSymDVm0Rx7Fkq2GP6hboVGGP3RPuOT5q1b4R7-XjdwtkC6ILtC1VLvHFpuHSK2tSdF4dRMwS54_VNfT3opYSGsg6kaYWnSIfeYdVgH_bq7ZEFL-TSyc4uZtYBMPFiSpNCkZc05aqOTbBD5ARBbaVpJ3w0fI-OIAAF4oWcDdklhAsXcDk2FEsxIhq0J31dXfEhAhRtdYHS87h-lakJHE_iWfQcJ_tvhS5tvY3_oy37tN5oHb4gXdD9ygdFQQ5N63ULcJA_7KYtig6P2ej5y2JK-UDmL6okmIux1qwDfuXdr0aTfdVxLsMpUfPF5fT9IbFkhMJf8RRhqfzjZDLvxPvNcOORHIb3GdBrZMNqyZdhRxaZvu0GguCuMH1CUfEqEj8Vyw1an4Vi809Cg0leDTdb9IFVqaMLjw9-fJNOI4wwVumMtueF_bDrQjdbCsSvrLoDg6Mxdc1NiwBbO3ShaiHDErlHgERMo6zxHr7or0v2mHwXQdY19808XXHwfxMF5oFeRTNPwgIS_yNk6zwLg-64YXXypX2J3ZWXmaIty58pvU8W4dnYTRR16euajLPDROL9KtAD_opGfxFFziSXymlOr6V2l-evl0q54D8cyZarImxMFQ4pON6X4pld3prj175UcyAYqZMkRxjheK8Yj6mhBMkbpbxlxCRAYcySE3c1R30tgVCih3v30cisX9wnO_WKJB0By902Km5
  • The Sheraton Athlone 20-August-2020
    Even after all that wind last night the views from our hotel are still pretty as ever πŸ‘€
  • The Sheraton Athlone 30-July-2020
    Be sure to tune in to Ireland AM tomorrow morning at 09.35 to see how Alan and Edward really got on at Hodson Bay and Baysports!!
  • The Sheraton Athlone 16-July-2020
    We are sure you are ready for a break! Book a stay at Sheraton Athlone Hotel now and we will give you 25% off the room rate and free breakfast. Just follow these simple steps to book: 1. Visit Our Website by clicking this link: https://bit.ly/3h4GTku&h=AT3kkaHhNoXFGf1u57xKfqZfHx-qUsljR8tO1p5fTb1c2PuV7v04PUiIjm3zW0KBhiMAGO2Hv1uY5E_Tijx6aF5lV8pWHlOw2SFi2DExWze3v2LEvlIVeMr4QgsSe0NCl1OKSXo5JfcwIfW8tjKyTpDO4gT7TSsofCyNkVNncRRqM4qgaIyYnQaV32Yb1iJcLxniTQJinc7qcXRu6yuV5phTFBfAjGg23ncRTv_lmuRvwYAec-wKKiy4LhX_v8U6GbrEfokTYOSiNsufYIFinolsALk41c8DBgcjHnQUNR22ehqdzJ0rwK-J1TVkpeSAaxUKEeoGVu7rg-ppC5sDBvswYCfIE5AegrcrY-OWwLPH0LPDw4XicxV9y5MVc7Hp-7bUy10z5DraiD52F1ET-9c1fIKoNtuP6ZyEtGX1v2ZiaLRQjU0MxdS18Bx58FimltYj77bsOr85U9PZcTrUDOILIRFWVE7Oyv5S6Ir2GBbqsrDN6UcIO9dMsLFcMrhTrJbJZzoUx3ca7Npf_NIQoK2MhuhSTjHOA_LrMJVUawH01D3E9262shKjTr3BzTc4F0Q9wVL_WYrB_58-54I-I09pi31D3rCNckJj9dFV0xiUuXh76wzqzD0shaPGody0vHZsUDYwl5ZsTlKH4jQdCeEbUXk
  • The Sheraton Athlone 16-July-2020
    We are sure you are ready for a break! Book a stay at Sheraton Athlone Hotel now and we will give you 25% off the room rate and free breakfast. Just follow these simple steps to book: 1. Visit Our Website by visiting this link: https://bit.ly/3h4GTku&h=AT2T4EM-JYleEMZUQodEizZDHDwMWuVzkOS8dSgLMnUmN1cbQ7oY_2uiWYhizK--x-yZGrneL7EVys6-2_NNIHPs0ZvKJ4CI8d9IkxKwdxELEQ7-zZKikqtq0KI6P30OaCu4UbcBrBx_6xCYr2CBD3VLUwENdmJTK95V9UrToC-F0o7lm51Ez9J7g3ab1Ic8cT5z1xo_u6zLdMTAMOuorkqH9TEQQi4W0tf6J3UQ6cklYavjmyIZCZSVpmkwemkL7EV2ximM3BmF79nca9qTsL_VG7LR9RDbEn-iRK5p8stLPcsgFlLR8mp_pwo2dwNQkRSSblgFTeWFieGJRMT-W5Vu6LPbzNWR0s7bbECtEcsqeiKWzJoh1Uw9BRro-A56zk8PDjIqPiZ4BrETrNpzfiFgn5oOUGpU6Dvl835bxYcD2Yq7diVaISj75FGiRWvN4eguk28a_P2VLslNSf_XzYPUOtRMakWYQL2O_Wue5NybCAt30vFxqLaDo2iVmlkoENSw2lii4i2uh_TZhomqiFJaNJjiL94QsYDZbVAbV-dYDb0XoSj76R1U51uVQjew6H2TQpJjMdosSkklSiG3yERhc9bPJcsLJQDAXKMeQtOzrbw5R94oDNNH601rwOrrfT8gVNqBTPmcXehzCVg4yQCkEQQ
  • The Sheraton Athlone 10-June-2020
    Break free this summer! β˜€οΈ We can’t wait to reopen our doors from the 29th June! Check out our offers on our website along with information on our Stay Safe Code: www.sheratonathlonehotel.com
  • The Sheraton Athlone 04-March-2020
    A large bright object has been spotted in the sky! 🌞 Please remain calm and get down to the S Bar & Bistro at Sheraton Athlone Hotel for a refreshing French Martini 🍹 Hump day the right way! 🀩 🍹
  • The Sheraton Athlone 29-February-2020
    We're excited for the weekend! 🀩 Join us for live music and sports at the S Bar & Bistro at Sheraton Athlone Hotel 😊
  • The Sheraton Athlone 19-February-2020
    Enjoy the Sweetest Leap Year Deal Ever with 29% off all Suites this March & April at Sheraton Athlone Hotel! 😍 More info: https://bit.ly/SAHsleap&h=AT2eC3_mMKbYpFm-qBQcG3BlEUnf1n_aC7cbojKIln3xKzFBzIFKHJEEUx7Rp_H32hc_iejpaOdKT03A4nwj0RdSUBUbrWsZGbZwH0etGbUbIrFwh2w3dW5wT9bLh3Ooc4Vu8c2OcZxpVhYGc7WOmEeQ8Lanlf6QtcGWl7QvS-I2ydRqEH1uBBfuD-8sYCj9aHNgw8HiRFz8flWC-Yx6cwENwFODB0iFZScJv8Tf28LIfOHrAg97AVNqvpWn8I1kw8zvHbCWPcAwWYEhF1iXe-0RuzQ0EzDlFw2ILfYsAR_auvRk6J7TbbgdOrx2E7IrMJFbAw2kOjXRJ5fj8VsCMSfPbzRMrfQ5cS_DK9aRhIr1UD6eemPxLG5M5key0Ei5j2d133uRbXYZi5aJQPDHS_bzyDx4A2AEg5B4kswkKIiLf6go-UzBlbumVCxp0MmfUjnjFRPNqRokoo5TnVAKIIbdYdBCo0ZXyxSFwFVDRb2FMxjwJUEhy4d_h9cEn4xcCYypTfE1bV8gbYPAfXDvr6O0-D1LRaCG0mZuhmLCPt2OrJqoILhzWf9Kt0OSP3moq290IC8i1vZREwt6q5yfl6j-3X0Laxhi_Z4mG3_301s7MMpM_nv0448ctv6wXQ_UVTMaAW7nZcw
  • The Sheraton Athlone 19-February-2020
    Enjoy the Sweetest Leap Year Deal Ever with 29% off all Suites this March & April at Sheraton Athlone Hotel! 😍 More info: https://bit.ly/SAHsleap&h=AT3hDrQ9izi_u-tKI-b9ZOdMFtjYXJjaSOCtuR8N-WJPf3yDsopXOjt0q6-txK7eUgouBg4BtbXU4B1F0yS7V4FBRaZfksLMy99VVtl6I0YCIPM5uuhgyrt3ErjFu94_SuJH8Ai3Bpv3iUT6Q4C90UKo0EKfwaXbvBFXLbjF8dPXOBw4zJgKKPi_IBTNzQV1ws1Yqv9Cr3D3yV-V_wyReEMp0z7XTuwg3tmkt7lGrAAWuqiTb1aE08uQt4OI2rvFat396T9Dqj_xQTb-JlTaBkuwvM-01bQCVIgz8AUXK1dU3TVmJgtdV1Ul2Kr2LCOBHmVtDhazOsdjvbjCMMci7Ex5iOEM7e_GzUAVvceD2N4km64hX9LOTLgdzsYffqZOrrthXSN8yBgY5KTk2G4zf6WPm9zMCYpVXPPyW0nRmtWZR-DULuZJHdswrf2gucfemNhwgdX8Tz5EhkwWAqzNc8lBHn2xmJdBWjr58QhEYJHELMVNMEJYyXqOElQVaA6NiU9_Cz7sdWTfaotP71PneCimxQDI4UssBkzTd2S2_HLzw-0bQtgd3gICTEAqUWL-LHeO
  • The Sheraton Athlone 13-February-2020
    Irish athletics stars were to the fore last night at the AIT Grand Prix last night. Phil Healy was the star of the show, breaking a 17-year-old national record in the Hodson Bay Group Women's 200m race in a time of 23:10 - the quickest time by a European athlete this season! πŸ‘ Via Westmeath Independent - https://bit.ly/HBGAITGrandPrix&h=AT18kyAPZsaPB5yZpmRGsL-EsJPIGNQsI8E4iZPI45Y8km_vsYEs1VTqcN_dUzfJJ_1_hE0ARbOlnbF57J7bPi-JFyGBOHbhHpYDeltWvtHR4qU5WfQb0kEuaxMgcN3V-hcdJDsO4E_-swcOIJf4YYSqdKr-N5ANdZBFJtNTeV3Z8baxEOy92wd-gFtv7SlYzI57ZBOaO7ri6hsqKxPT9xsNwR9ZyYyvkmLVbFbTJDbuTfxY_JyEBjLISCgHi3ZYyFgiFNP2TcVxwQyUEAyb8g86uL2x1IiKD4P1e6IzriPA5YZRQ00OeARmowNxMFDsll7Bfpa-n_OwMgKNLcVTLqyWvGcbelfd6eDiJie8cIk6ZhizTeiMATtpfFFL5_8WLsbBBi4inKJ9QJjXx88YmB3AZtleUoF0VA4e4fKVgBtV2G1iB9iMbPBZkOwiOrQV2rDZf2IlYoci6mRcm9t296l0ZwMM6ohWpY2c_vVJcDtvZ2DOHkS6dN9EOlc7FWaswjB8AIMWl9BLZhxQu8s-ZAfGG9hNu_QrKoEbXVB1zq2jR7hXNgNfWbcje9ggNgCB2D5dcssqBCBl5A19RnBJxCQ_YXLSscSG2OO3Ytcfen8LoSkXFYlpDKvM2d2x8yR3Rru45jzadeQ
  • The Sheraton Athlone 12-February-2020
    #Repost @cawleycamino β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ Last minute change of plan! Love this entrance.

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