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Food is served from 10:30am - 8:30pm mon to sat. 11am - 8:30pm sunday & Bank holiday Mondays. The only day we are not open is Christmas Day

- Street and parking lot parking
- Takes Reservations
- Walk-Ins Welcome
- Good For Groups
- Good For Kids
- Take Out
- Catering
- Waiter Service
- Outdoor Seating



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  • Murphys Law 06-October-2020
    Folks. It with great regret that we have to close the doors again. We have considered our options but unfortunately it is not viable with the guidelines to stay open. Let’s just hope the numbers do go down in the meantime and we can get back on track. For now folks, we thank each and every one of you for the massive support you have given and hope you all keep safe. Like we said bell fire, see you in the other side. Take care folks. From the Murphys Crew.
  • Murphys Law 28-September-2020
    Now available on draught. I’ve got to say, it’s a tasty one.
  • Murphys Law 26-September-2020
    Two cracking dishes on special for the weekend Our exotic pineapple fajita. Some beautiful tastes here. 8oz Ribeye steak burger. A 100% ribeye served with fries onion n mushrooms, salad, cheese & onion rings. With a fries side.
  • Murphys Law 26-September-2020
    And it begins. Our new man / woman cave 😂😂. This fella will be fully enclosed. When restrictions end, seat up to 12/ 14 people. Include Bluetooth speaker/ Tv/ beer tape etc.
  • Murphys Law 20-August-2020
    We are hiring. We are looking for bar/ waiting staff. Part and full time. You must have at least 2 years in both. We also require a chef for our busy kitchen. Again, experience is a must to include grill and service. Please forward your CV to us at 23 Mardyke Street, Athlone or email to [email protected]
  • Murphys Law 13-June-2020
    Hi folks. Hope you are all keeping well. We are working away here in the background with the hope to be ready for June 29th. We’ve been decorating, re arranging tables etc. Another thing we’ve done is develop an electronic menu for you. It allows you to use your phone instead of a hard copy. You can view, order and pay online from your table. Please talk a look and see what you think. We’ve made it as user friendly as possible, allowing you to add/ amend food items and have included prompts on certain items. Bit of fine tuning to be done but it’s 90% ready.
  • Murphys Law 21-May-2020
    Can’t wait to be serving this to tables again
  • Murphys Law 21-May-2020
    The ultimate Burger... what a beast.
  • Murphys Law 21-May-2020
    Just getting ready for reopening with our new online ordering system. You will be able to order food and drink from your table. https://ie.talech.com/biz/ordering/80408332/murphy-s-law-bar-athlone-westmeath&h=AT3-OeOPJkwEZ0dk70kyUJTggZKH_p8K9MIEGeuKhyw-QnLGJKqiQoxWFElqboR4NfAIBbAFel9jWD78daDvVLUoDq_aAu7tdieoILPUPfeEoVcuRP0rDHaqNM4kTBkSMOJl1XaFYXpVTHJ9koGZPwpdQfesP4u6US6p4yQEqRhi_kZFKiIAH8hlm3ffCJa5O9TvtlFYAootYDUwouTTA9K1VE_HXeDTm4hZR-aYUub7b1fUmaU9DV1hNIMZPFjGNlDTNzgatKCRRRtFbXS6fKUxsgUqMp0f4g8BuU4NKQQ3cYn36BzltTMMRhDNTRfcMGuOJjBCljsLbckTRe8CI2FOnoxMuAnN8AV17JX5gwCGnneMMkKJVslnr1RvrirWAjJjNP8fPpXr7lpEc2gwszLiUY0Q0yQ0FctEbD8IVMbMkRvPpkcle8CCf8lErRxJMct1mvDtUfRedQX7514192b-gpTYevrraT_g_efHlqIOtpdA5CFIT2A-rJ-FnLh5sYvRQ5jDeWmxWFgfHZNrpPcXf-CL-RVQ_puxTSMKO5Kh1h1cHGCfmRNJhTVbjn4RIrbw-JnAKUnYbiz-9SfJKvRn0_Tlyh1X7Ocr3IzTk737c0zvphtfgRcefX6HvQlt4FyxdBPR9-sLN8ClVw4Gxgzs
  • Murphys Law 15-March-2020
    Covid-19 NOTICE In the interest of public and staff safety, we will be closing our doors this evening, Sunday 15th March @ 9pm until further notice. We feel it only right to take measures to avoid the spread of this virus. The sooner this is over, the better for us all so we can get back to normal. Please folks, take care and listen to the authorities. I hope you all stay safe and we will see you all soon. Take care.
  • Murphys Law 13-February-2020
    Treat your loved one this valentine 😂😂😍😍 Get them a jug of Applemans or Fosters for just €10. Jasus if ya go too mad they’ll think ur cheating. 😂😂
  • Murphys Law 13-February-2020
    As requested, we’ve added a cider to our deal. Cracking offer folks. I s’pose we’ll have to run it into next week for rag week
  • Murphys Law 05-February-2020
    Grill Chef. We are looking for a new member for our team. They must have training/ experience. If you are interested, please forward your CV via post or email FAO Mandy to 23 Mardyke street Athlone or [email protected]
  • Murphys Law 01-February-2020
    Here’s the DEAL... Not just for the rugby match but for the whole weekend. An 8oz fillet served on our hot stone. I could do it to include a pint but, no. Let’s get the deal done in the fillet. How about €12. Now that’s a deal.
  • Murphys Law 31-January-2020
    Going out this weekend. We have some specials to help get through the rest of January......
  • Murphys Law 03-January-2020
    We are looking for a part & a full time Grill Chef. You must have at least 2 years experience. Please forward your cv to Sammy by either post or email to 23 Mardyke Street Athlone or to [email protected] Please don’t apply via Facebook as we only check this occasionally.
  • Murphys Law 24-December-2019
    Folks. We would like to thank you all for your continued support through 2019 and wish you all a very merry Christmas.
  • Murphys Law 22-November-2019
    Friday... mammy has the fish on today 😂
  • Murphys Law 22-November-2019
    Another of today’s special... chilli prawn cooked in a coconut sauce. Served with boiled rice.
  • Murphys Law 22-November-2019
    Had a test run of the beef burrito today. A new addition due on our new menu... very nice. Had to have it served in the foil 😀

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