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Overlooking Lough Ree lake, this traditional hotel opposite Athlone Golf Club is 8 km from Athlone Castle.
Straightforward rooms feature TVs, free Wi-Fi, and tea and coffee making equipment. Minifridges are available on request. Upgraded rooms in an adults-only, glass-fronted annexe have floor-to-ceiling windows, and a suite includes a private balcony and a whirlpool. Room service is offered 24/7.

Free perks include breakfast, whisky tasting, yoga classes and aqua aerobics. The hotel also offers a cosy carvery, a regional restaurant and a juice bar, plus a full-service spa, an indoor pool and a fitness centre. Golf discounts are available.



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  • Hodson Bay Hotel 06-October-2020
    HOTEL UPDATE - Level 3 Status Hodson Bay Hotel will remain open to resident guests. The health and safety of our guests and our team has always been the main priority for us since reopening in June and we would like to advise all of our guests who have upcoming bookings from tomorrow until 27th October to follow government travel guidelines which can be found on www.gov.ie.. Our Reservations Team will be happy to assist with any bookings or amendments you wish to make. You can reach us on 090-644-2005 or [email protected] We look forward to welcoming you back to Hodson Bay Hotel soon!
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 04-October-2020
    Happy international coffee day โ˜•๏ธ Why not call out and enjoy a delicious coffee and enjoy this beautiful view . . .... . #internationalcoffeeday #heartlands #Athlone #HiddenHeartlands #HodsonBayHotel
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 28-September-2020
    If you're in Athlone between 10am and 12pm today make sure to stop by Harvest Homemade in Athlone Towncentre to support Athlone's biggest coffee morning in aid of South Westmeath Hospice Bewley's Ireland #togetherforhospice
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 28-September-2020
    Here are some of our Sales & Reservations team members who got together this morning to virtually support the coffee morning organised by our sister hotel Sheraton Athlone Hotel in aid of South Westmeath Hospice You can donate to this great cause on there website here: http://www.southwestmeathhospice.ie/donations/&h=AT0W7-OwFF5LXQBovFVg7PytyN_ci5RdkK7CW_3Zym_Vo66Fe2zdQ7NUBx9N-CB5EPt_uxyXbTk-ES4IA5SQzsZVthGdluwcTbFPlrmwvJInTwqjnBAk8xzxfpMWJvBNaOtPksQq0-T23A87oPPHcVD1YMEMErHjMEZ5ugWs-aKmZkZ9hLQbsV3LFg3quSBsymN0uVim9TZLUsU6mqkvs7KmEYKhbfHg-akhlC8NqLFecTlrFQtA8csKuURwGs90xtLoLFP3o47Qjc_sAeToPrZXMvoBRyWwStn_3xcqg1WNpp-lyrUPY0ZZC03N7QE2Fdqjzm-tkLJGpi0RfeSiaFfsSfob43O1GCWifake585zdi8fJx50rp1QhSmc7fGdPnjRovStvUtEPARC6rgPcboS02tQZa6tnWxBkJrESFNbSUVn9Cum5c7HCSAqpgyV-GMjylXC2xjp8T1qHRO2kW578QZjumQhPGiGVWmqCSaeIwHFGhddhW4VPuwyRne8CqOciFXmSpjY8_r_VowLuL3ZQ4kv3CKLfCQdi22mnS0D6ng1CfE3Stw18x3K6-yuE2qogpR7Nzoqgpu9lJ6PXriAh0s3FNQdLSdOfi5spAC-dDq69xCgyDH1Xdm--D93we2umSlgH7g
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 18-September-2020
    It's the perfect weather to enjoy a delicious Irish coffee โ˜•๏ธ
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 18-August-2020
    Huge congrats to all our hardworking colleagues Hyatt Centric The Liberties Dublin! They are now the #2 best rated hotel in Dublin ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 09-July-2020
    Happy World Gin Day! We're looking forward to serving our excellent selection of gin's when we reopen on Monday, 29th June! #WorldGinDay
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 13-June-2020
    On yer bike! Did you know that we have an amazing greenway in Athlone? The Old Rail Trail is a 42-kilometre stretch of the old Midlands Great Western Railway which has been paved over, and links Athlone with the town of Mullingar in the east. Why not bring your bike with you when you stay with us this summer and explore...
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 10-June-2020
    Break free this summer! โ˜€๏ธ We canโ€™t wait to reopen our doors from the 29th June! Check out our offers on our website along with information on our Stay Safe Code: www.hodsonbayhotel.com
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 03-March-2020
    The CUMA Spring Conference and AGM taking place in the hotel this week ๐Ÿ˜Š
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 03-March-2020
    Starting this Wednesday, Pilates Classes with award winning instructor Olive Keyes. To book contact Olive on 083 1967217
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 01-March-2020
    Wedding bliss with the beautiful Lisa and Mairtรญn! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–Wishing you both all the happiness in the world! ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ #Weddings #LakesideResort #Midlands
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 01-March-2020
    Some of the team with Tara Makeup before her makeup master class in the hotel today ๐Ÿ˜Š
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 15-February-2020
    Congratulations to Martin our assistant restaurant manager who received the highest score with a distinction following our recent WSET wine training and exam. Our GM Daniel presented him with a token gesture to acknowledge his achievement ๐Ÿ˜Š
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 06-February-2020
    The @Midlands103 Hospitality Awards nominations are now open. To vote go to https://bit.ly/2upalPl&h=AT0H-YXxYEUdiDFk4HYTuUcVr2ePuUAN3oYP1EcA4UJPVn4CPtjMhq7nPiEdy5aHGelQjIyjloGzbaUjZHsZSCrj9Li8IBJIVommRGEE4a2MbM3j9Z9RefjOJvtGfZU3P2cWBqieCbllRkImB9pEn19k2c6Y2TUcPbrFfQ05cWYEYp55g4Jxq3lp13yWj8tE9pSmnQ909SeO6afgBrCJypmHmmcwmh0J372dyTeBf7xXx6NA87jzbEqOTyN59zJXbdfb7xvWez4F5xUid_5bf9_2P3UT06ksJZIQyzGeT0rUxWpx-Gqs1_id-q8qdjTLw-aJXMFAr38VZ1W59Svl8WibqFTQ5eP427zGBuhsp7OxeVvswpr7jx--lYO8akVjVAmRXXSciwdpF2AFsdUJNAb3fly8M1d6orJpRrFQ8_g2iZ0NVAmuiPe3U0h6zStuPgmD7v5cAR-yT0vfmL_K3p4dkS1d2wWxVJ8SjZIt3mOVSMzoEmlqqyDemVdcLTkEQXDoNj-RvlIH5GW2H2_b9RVR_0VC3iiW7Ej67Cupjan7_ZO1SAjHPS2k3yPhGRRuiGb-xUbuudhzbVeYCrMSWR2T48j-fFkNDDdSOcxqrB7ZZozEpcwJ54bOAYa7SktprIXAHYApVTo
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 06-February-2020
    Tickets are on sale for the BEO Baby event now. We look forward to welcoming you ๐Ÿ˜Š https://www.tickettailor.com/events/beoevents/347674&h=AT1PGNrX9q12KgehQqqvNm8MESboKmItYRHLEs7qeAQrWza5lWxfAN-q0Er34nOkr5eRVFEIndHHQOwGTzZgR1eqmP30IoX6KZbdPzKBS1f-swilYpHks_zhypHjVy2uA0Ugv9T4PUseU6mbYH1lDNYfUkz02rAnGuQ8kH0mZ3aIiitS3QfzHt0XKTg7kuFKaGPgZ0CN6xC7joi-Gopuj58yvJt_BcJGz6ZAYeqknDG56XBtCT9E-CwBS4D7pgJI5ky3VvEoDBGWcD5z2pMsAuysvm0JGhh-NtfShMWgqa5vwtFSDozJBxGQOL3HoaNkTd2n5AxkZXDhLCvrmKQZ2-J4Igy19Y2oRjGSJFJqIiK9JFKPCupRjQkCbq10aPVOAIrwwQh0cgPvppPda0TPeaJ3bUmm-sq7kfv8d07JtcqAYFXZJBH4dV1a_mJRdfhzQ9x3bogHvGaG-vmCb00obYIwVKM1mTDp3i7PEmEFaHj5Ot3JNYtEytkQu0fdV51q8IwJDN5BoSkb_dyhsGsekWjvlZlRJ6lMRP-uTyv9kL-nOgq7GnIxKr0ZFGkbgUzuSi83cBCT9IPx8wGdEg271pqyqhLAjyP96xLmHj5jyuJ6zMl3_w7GHe-MmvdzLnqVDWJSm5jcJ6vkIDV_v3_7zd00m6lvR_qmeeCQpQ2z8a17fhqJ4-vxzMQ8_hx3aOTLgaswp6iEUCTn27bmEkuG5Di3aUrPvjyL_skwHYe6Usr9atWBh08o8NgqIkMy2mMQJBCHoZJZ88V6OeO1WpYaWLoj8bZQuZg0Cbj36z885DADZquVzwS3jrGyJtHOun5k1w_zBAkrtOPRwSyvLCCutAdB5GM
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 06-February-2020
    Unwind, relax and restore at Hodson Bay Spa this February and leap into pampering and love with 29% off treatments for two.
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 05-February-2020
    What a fantastic night we had last Thursday at the Hodson Bay Group Corporate Night in Hyatt Centric The Liberties Dublin with great food and wonderful people.
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 05-February-2020
    Join us at the Athlone Institute of Technology hospitality recruitment fair today and discover the opportunities available with Hodson Bay Group. Sheraton Athlone Hotel Galway Bay Hotel Hyatt Centric The Liberties Dublin
  • Hodson Bay Hotel 24-January-2020
    Pics from a recent wine course attended by some of our management and staff members. At Hodson Bay We have an extensive and specially selected wine list to match our menu in Lโ€™Escale Restaurant to temp every taste. ๐Ÿท

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