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The most central craft brewery in Ireland. An engaging brewing experience with fresh, handmade pizza from dcKitchen and artisan coffee from High Gravity Coffee Works.




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  • Dead Centre Brewing 06-October-2020
    Well, that was another crazy day. Since reopening on July 1st, it’s been an absolute rollercoaster. We genuinely can’t thank you enough for your support! Things are still a bit murky...but plans are afoot! We’ll be in contact with all our bookings over the next few days. ...
  • Dead Centre Brewing 06-October-2020
    Straight in, no messin’! Takeaway pizza and beer from Wednesday to Sunday with The Delivery Guys - Athlone. The lockdown won’t keep us down!
  • Dead Centre Brewing 18-September-2020
    Kildare might be in lockdown...but we've liberated the finest beers from every brewery in the county and they'll all be on tap from Friday in DCB! We'll have fresh offerings from Trouble Brewing, Kildare Brewing, Rye River Brewery and the new kids on the block Dew Drop Gastropub! *It'll be all lily-white on the night! (Sorry...I couldn't resist!)*
  • Dead Centre Brewing 24-August-2020
    This Sunday, #Bowtie are back! Book your table now here: http://deadcentrebrewing.com/book-a-table/&h=AT0MZ6TNwP2DkRF4hnXznh6d1d_v-fW1lvm21er31Gl2T-_SXixGvivXiYvZ_aoiqZHdLOfIaO8AlPlYItcUJ2DkoPoA-vC-kB2Sn1_JVaNMR1SI5Whsdrk2VjblwFJOVX7UQP1mMF7ruoZ2zXsT5Astf3NvfFGpdnjGg1XuhB4955nC5KKFQnJikmcOD_lEM1IqwghrHzuj5oNVdc5xNOpQyCX61RJuyAEnRp9XuM1QLeMW4hVpxW9nwYrWaTQk_-EQXrSn8RXALBo6_fRgQkPSoaTPd2FuLcV1o6llSpS8jlbi_I8j4ofFyhaMhIdU2zwnZ9eYmjmsGMooXzpOrgI7yR_wyf4-E7N1Nx-AfVzenlfx4strrAgeAVUgk542YuEruwTvgmFbrIBAhJGK5_XVMGj8oBPJbE5KQIZIcbak89GOGFicFA_YFi3a6xj5GIyFJuc-tDiHIF-FFekJguiFXlUOdkrGKAsppVFhgBtF7KTk7h_OEpqqc2JMq_OKY9IKhx5LoPVUIHfuu9Vzo0NWea0BA7GoouWI_SmP0rVF3BqLRvELvabCO-ei2UebN_LQNSL_6ebTJdkLu3tB7hKTGzj02-LharbDxEshI-9aGIP73zryUw2a4613_P7qfBK4RClyA37eahB5RSbksw
  • Dead Centre Brewing 24-August-2020
    The weekend is filling up fast, but to book a table just head over to DeadCentreBrewing.com, a couple of clickety clicks and you’re all sorted!
  • Dead Centre Brewing 18-August-2020
    Are you even a craft brewery if you don’t post a ridiculously long, slow mo shot of your dry hopping? Apparently not, so here you go! We hit our Double IPA with 6kg of hops today (3kg of Citra and 3kg of Mosaic). It gets exactly the same treatment again in 2 days, for a 12kg total dry hop. In a batch as small as this one, that will be a stonking 20g/L dry hop. Giggidy!
  • Dead Centre Brewing 18-August-2020
    Our OpenTable booking system is up and running...so no more phone calls or emails, just click and book. Simple!
  • Dead Centre Brewing 30-July-2020
    We’re getting ready to put our Imperial Stout into casks to age for Christmas. We’re splitting this batch 50/50 between whiskey and rum casks before packaging into 750ml bottles.
  • Dead Centre Brewing 16-July-2020
    If you’re planning a staycation, we have you covered! #makeabreakforit #theheartofit
  • Dead Centre Brewing 14-July-2020
    Come join the team at Dead Centre Brewing! We're looking for part-time front of house and bar staff. Main duties will include: Bar Work (serving, stocking, bar back), Greeting Customers, Serving Food/Waiting on Tables,... Cleaning Tables & Dining Areas, Ensuring Customer Satisfaction. A 'can do' attitude, basic levels of experience and the ability to work under pressure in a busy environment are a must. Ideally suited to someone extremely flexible - available hours will be dictated by bookings and will be weekend focused.
  • Dead Centre Brewing 11-July-2020
    We're really excited for this one! Great late night grub and live music...introducing the Dead Centre Supper Club! Bookings from 10.30pm on Saturday night, with food served from 11pm. Bookings essential, places limited. Reserve your table now by emailing [email protected]
  • Dead Centre Brewing 11-July-2020
    Have you had Silhouettes yet??? Here's an in-depth look at our latest Pale Ale from #ViewsOnBrews over on YouTube!
  • Dead Centre Brewing 09-July-2020
    Every single pizza that leaves Dead Centre is made using our house dough recipe. That dough is proofed for 48 hours before being hand-stretched, topped with the best Irish and Italian ingredients and stone-baked to perfection. What you get is a light and airy leopard spotted crust, thin and crispy base and fresh, flavourful toppings. Long story short...it's the business! We're open for collection or delivery tonight from 5pm. Call 0906420883 to place your order (from 5pm), or order online for free delivery here: http://deadcentrebrewing.com/order-food-online/&h=AT3n-lpZ9rOm8TdRp4xWxvHm1pGZhdVv5vCdGanr00NxxuxDBW-1rz5AQQfGMmjDYijwkbf-4azKVY-wbp7foyDkIpQtsqkkU2TS0B2dRuFcVvhAnO7nWHj4-MlK0xVd4Jd3DToLCgCmw1DosFSeXZ3kT1gJeojlw9YFlS5zkXtsS6iwah3fRiICTYF7jbF-H_FlguUM7EVBjgnn9rxr-K0mEJHWIJPYNGh70ca_DZDUpMssJdAuos6jb87yXagDDBx8B65MoyBACN_Fy6FnSQ1S_L9poWYrtHbD5TV2tx0PerfXK3NZsuwvOJz6QjcZeg6eeG49ctRdYzJDXswm1a1soJ9mvlpnAo_Vrsjs62gI7ZKQMYgZZH0NWqV-wkA9HVMVDKCxAIECTvu93evU1VT13KPEztFDmtj3keRoM1ayXxhha5-HpiuKcJEK_bNiNkL4Aa7GyNicQT2fKyTeSk1Iz3XnUKhhR6Jquq3pXIkWIb96rovwipj-4gcUIqVE1YcsyE2vCfgDxAfSjg4DghjOhfuHizkGkAbMh0CLggwg0ToATJtnVNMFbtnui-JFNOUK8Lm1YKUh__c78fblDMiX1NbzoPDrX8GOLkfF-OzydjLX8PP26ALDWSPjrLzLJdGMD1SVcZrwBWgVcDP4pg
  • Dead Centre Brewing 13-June-2020
    MORE BIG NEWS! Due to popular demand, Thursdays are back on the menu! Dead Centre will now be open for collection or takeaway Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5pm-9pm and on Sundays from 3pm-9pm! Maybe skip lunch tomorrow
  • Dead Centre Brewing 10-June-2020
    RE-OPENING! It's been a very strange few months for Dead Centre. We came off our first year on a real high, only to be met by the lowest of lows. Today, the light at the end of the tunnel got bigger and brighter! We've been through the guidelines, the protocols and the advice in detail and we're only bleedin' thrilled to say "we'll see you for a pizza and a pint" on July 1st!
  • Dead Centre Brewing 21-May-2020
    Say hello to 'Higher State of Consciousness', our new LimiDEAD Edition NE DIPA. Brewed on Pale Malt, Flaked Oats, Torrified Wheat and Carapils, this 8.1% banger is bittered with Summit and has Citra, Azacca and El Dorado in the whirlpool and dry hop. Again, VERY LIMITED! We will release 50 cans of Higher State of Consciousness on Friday @ 12 noon on Beer Cloud. More details soon!
  • Dead Centre Brewing 29-February-2020
    An early start for us this morning! A great bunch of lads altogether!
  • Dead Centre Brewing 29-February-2020
    The new boys! Teeny Tiny Micro IPA and Russ1an Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout...both on the bar from opening time today! Happy birthday to us! Bowtie kick off at 9pm, Ray Shah takes over from 11pm! Here we go! Note: Growler fills not available and Russ1an is sold by the glass only.
  • Dead Centre Brewing 15-February-2020
    Let's get all creative up in here! Grab your drinking shoes (because everything else is provided) and get your draw on!

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