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With its bright, bold and eye catching artwork and it’s fun, colourful & bright interior, Bumble the PlayBus provides an engaging, exciting and safe party experience for children from 2 to the age of 9 years (max height of child 120 cm), and the best thing about it all is that it doesn’t depend on the weather at all! Hail, rain, snow or sunshine, our Mobile PlayBus supplies a safe & sheltered play area for children so you have no fear of having to cancel an event due to the typical Irish weather!

As the bus first pulls into your street you will see the look of amazement on your kids’ faces due to the bright & bold colours the bus has been designed in. The bus was designed to appeal to children and it most certainly does. A fantastic idea for a birthday party, instead of going to the hassle of booking a crowded play zone in your local area where your child is sharing the play area with children they don’t know, why not have the play zone come to you?



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